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Wholesale: Business to Business

Our Trade experts have gained their experience in either retail, the trade from business to consumers or in wholesale, the trade between businesses. Both industries have changed tremendously in the past decennia for example by being trendsetters in online sales and services and the need to implement many new European regulations regarding products.

• Business processes: quick scan of current processes and advice on how to optimize and/or reengineer;
• Organisational development: quick scan of current organisation and advice on how to devide tasks, authorities and responsibilities; plus advice on internal communication (meetings, frequency, agenda, attendants; b bilaterals etc);
• How to approach succession issues?
• Analysing available data (financial figures, production figures, stock figures) and translating them into clear and informative steering information;
• Writing a business plan, including Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads of the company (SWOT-analysis), resulting in a concrete action plan.
• Buying and supplychain (incl stock management-issues)
• Creating a marketing plan, including what to promote when (sales calendar)?, what kind of activities, events and content?, off line or online media?
• E-commerce, online business, content of webshop, protocol for backoffice processes like ordering and delivery.
• Training and education of commercial staff members (salesforce, marketing) on customer focus and operational excellence.

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