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Wholesale: Business to Business

The Wholesale sector, B to B, has increased in importance by way of the improvement of the distribution function in a number of sectors through the online order process. The Retail sector, B to C, had decreased its stock levels, but has to maintain its customer service level and is dependent on the correct functioning of the wholesale system. Wholesale has increased in importance through the Internet for specialised product groups such as electronics, homecare, medical treatments, cooperatives for fresh products and all kinds of branded merchandise. The Food sector is internationally strong and depends on the correct functioning of the wholesale sector for the daily delivery of fresh products to supermarkets.

The Non-Food wholesale sector is very important for the construction, building, automotive and electronic industries etc. through optimising the stock function and realising the quick delivery of materials. The Netherlands is a distribution country with considerable knowledge and experience in the fields of Supply Chain Management and Quality Control. Our PUM experts can provide recommendations in these fields on how to improve your logistic processes, to increase online ordering functions for managing stock control and improve your profitability. The aim of PUM experts is to improve your organisation with advice on management, strategic stock planning, warehousing, logistic solutions and how to collect data.

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