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Working towards sustainable development with SNV Kenya

PUM entered into a multi-year cooperation with HortIMPACT, a programme run by SNV, aimed to build sustainable and inclusive horticulture markets in Kenya, late last year.

PUM’s role is to identify niches in the Kenyan horticulture sector and link those to horticulture technologies and methods available in the Netherlands, supporting horticulture sector development. We will focus on the inclusion of SME farmers into the supply chains, the improvement of food safety and integrated crop protection, and the reduction of food losses. A first exploratory mission of PUM experts to Kenya is planned for January 2017.

We’re also proud to announce that PUM will play a role in the second phase of SNV’s Kenya Market Led Dairy Programme, running until July 2019. This programme contributes to a more sustainable model for the dairy sector in Kenya, including knowledge exchange, transfer of skills and technology, and cross border investments. 

Do you see a role for PUM in strengthening agricultural value chains? We’re happy to talk about cooperation. Please reach out to us through