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Zambian entrepreneur faces tough competition


Maano Adventures has been around since 2016 and in that short time, the company has already built up a strong position as a White Water Rafting company in Livingstone. They are, among a few large companies, number two on TripAdvisor when it comes to customer reviews.

PUM expert Hugo Lingeman: ‘At the same time, they face strong challenges: the competition has deep pockets for marketing and the rapid rise of Maano has not missed their attention. Maano strongly emphasizes that they are the only 'Zambian owned and operated' rafting company, with which they hope to be a step ahead of the companies that want to do business with him (hotels, lodges and tour operators) but also the individual consumer.’

Online Marketing

During the two weeks of the project, we have been able to greatly improve the website: the mobile version of the website hardly worked, the ease of booking could be improved and the processing of requests could be made more efficiently. In addition, their most important domain name was "held hostage" by an old supplier. We were able to solve that too.

‘Hugo has changed everything. As if a blind person can suddenly see’

Enock Labisi, owner of Maano Adventures: ‘We were not visible on Google Maps, Tripadvisor and a few other websites, plus of course Facebook and Instagram. Now we do online marketing. Before this, we had no idea what online marketing was! Hugo has changed everything. As if a blind person can suddenly see.’

Hugo: ‘It is a pleasure to work with such an entrepreneur as Enock! He has established a wonderful enterprise in just three years and has shown during the mission, but also afterwards, that he takes the help and advice extremely seriously. He bombards me almost daily with questions about how to make further improvements. Hopefully we can do a follow-up mission at the end of the year to monitor the progress he made and take his business to the next level.’

Video: Hugo Lingeman