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PUM has been active in Bangladesh since 1989. Although we welcome requests for advice in all sectors, we’d specifically like to bring to your attention our expertise in food (production, processing, safety), water (protection against floodings, sanitation, pollution) and textile.
PUM has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN Development Program (UNDP).
While most requests for advice relate to technical and business-related issues our experts also are trained to recognize opportunities especially when it comes to female entrepreneurship, start-ups and corporate social responsibility.
To get an impression of what our experts are doing while working with entrepreneurs, take a look at the videos on our YouTube channel.
Are you wondering whether you qualify for PUM-advice? Take a look at our criteria, or contact one of our representatives in Bangladesh directly. You’ll find their mail addresses and phone numbers on this page. You can apply directly for advice online by creating your own account and send off your request today.

Top 3 sectors/realised projects 2013-2015:

Business Consultancy: 12
Food & Beverages:11
Stockbreeding & Fisheries: 9
Wood Trade & Timber: 9

  • Dhaka

    John Hummel
    +880 1740651421
    Arman Akbary Khan
    Geert van Asbeck
    Niels van den Berge
    Mohammad Khairul Bashar
    Mohammad Khairul Bashar
    A.S.M. Mashi-ur-Rahman


    Md. Anwar Shawkat Afser
    +88 0258310839

    Basherhat, Dinajpur

    Abdul Gaffar Miah
    (+880) 1784973090

    Shamoly, Dhaka

    Atif Dewan
    +880 29028633


Country Coordinator
Johan van den Berg
Project officer
Murielle Klier-van der Pol